Becoming an organic baker

Le Boulanger Bio is a comprehensive range, well-organized to serve your commitment to organic products

The range we have designed, one of the most important ones on the market, makes it possible to work on your terms and according to your consumers’ requirements. Le Boulanger Bio allows bakers to set up an “organic corner” in their shops or to develop a more significant range, or even a 100% organic bakery. Regardless of the selected option, Moulins Bourgeois supports, advises and, if necessary, trains you about organic matters by helping you in the process of obtaining our label.

The program of our “Stages Bourgeois” contains a learning session on organic products.

mangeons-localOur flour types entitled “Le Boulanger Bio” are produced with French wheat. The label Mangeons local en Ile de France represents a guarantee for local supply, since at least 50% our organic flour comes from the region around Paris.
Furthermore, we have developed a wide range of organic products which go hand-in-hand with our range of flour.

Raw flour Le Boulanger Bio
–    Wheat type 65 (25 kg bag)
–    Wheat type 80 (25 kg bag)
–    Wheat type 110 (25 kg bag)
–    Wheat type 150 (25 kg bag)
–    Spelt (25 kg bag)
–    Small spelt or Engrain T150 (25 kg bag)
–    Organic chestnut (20 kg bag)
–    Kamut® T70 (25 kg bag)
–    Corn (25 kg bag)
–    Rice (25 kg bag)
–    Quinoa (25 kg bag)
–    Buckwheat (25 kg bag)
–    Rye type 130 (25 kg bag)
–    Rye type 170 (25 kg bag)

–    Mix for organic bread with cereals (25 kg bag)
–    Mix for organic whole bread
–    Mix for organic rye bread

–    Fragments of organic wheat (15 kg bag)
–    Organic walnut kernels (10 kg bag)
–    Organic 4 cereal flakes (1,5 kg bag)
–    Mix of 5 organic seeds : tournesol, lin brun, millet, sésame et pavot (5 kg bag)
–    Golden flax organic seeds (5 kg bag)
–    Millet organic seeds (5 kg bag)
–    Sesame organic seeds (5 kg bag)
–    Poppy organic seeds (5 kg bag)
–    Durum wheat organic semolina (20 kg bag)
–    Coarse hard organic wheat bran (5 and 20 kg bags)
–    Coarse hard organic rye bran (5 kg bag)
–    Organic grape (12.5 kg bag)

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