Equipment, products and services: a leading company to serve craftsmen!

Our loyalty towards artisans
Our activity is 100% dedicated to artisans, because it is at the core of our commitment. The quality of our services and products that we offer are worthy of a big company, even though we remain a traditional family mill on a personal level. Just like our logistics, we are market leaders in terms of new product development and for our complete range of services.

Quality of wheat
The various types of wheat we grind of 100% French origin come from different soils mostly located near the mill (Brie, Champagne, Gâtinais, Beauce). We have drawn up a list of strict specifications based on our EQO® charter for our Millésime and Painpille flour and we are very much involved in the strategy of Label Rouge flour. We only use certified wheat: Label Rouge for our French traditional flour Reine des Blés and our stone ground flour, CRC® for our stone ground and our organic wheat has received the label Mangeons local en Ile de France.

Checking control
All wheat deliveries are systematically tracked, analyzed and controlled. The different flour types are checked twice in our testing laboratory and our testing bakehouse, where we perform more than 300 bread-making tests with pure wheat each year.
The mill was ISO 22000 certified in 2012.

iso 22000

Product offer
Both our equipment and our teams’ work  enable us to offer :
– one of the most comprehensive ranges of conventional, stone ground and organic flour on the market
– a catalogue of exclusive recipes which content is enriched year by year
– new products appreciated by consumers.
We are proud that bread made by many of our clients is regularly awarded in competitions.

Reliability of services
Start-up assistance, comprehensive training programs with the so-called “Stages de Verdelot” courses, technical support, exports, communication, on-time delivery made by us, everything is done to support the dynamism of our artisan clients on a daily basis.

moulins bourgeois engagements

Moulins Bourgeois Engagements