Brilliant Ideas – Ingredients – Bread-making additives/additions

Play with flavours, create and invent – here’s a whole plan for  differentiating yourself from the competition and seducing your clients!

With Éclat d’Idées we’ve created a whole possible family of grains, cereals, and dried fruit intended to nourish your creativity. This wide choice allows for new creations, for you to refresh and increase the range of products on offer at key periods – for example during the Holiday period at the end of the year, or at the beginning of the new school year. In the courses offered at Verdelot, we often make use of this wide array of ingredients. Our bread comes from all sorts of grains or fruits, and we know that the consumer is fond of all these kinds of bread.

Brilliant Ideas – Ingredients – Bread-making additives
– Oat flakes (5 kg bag)
– Mix of 5 grains (5kg bag : brown flaxseed, yellow flaxseed, sesame, blue poppyseed, millet)
– 3 Grain Mix (5 kg bag : Sunflower seeds, brown flaxseed, yellow flaxseed)
– Baltik grain mix (6 kg bag : Sesame, sunflower seed, brown flaxseed, millet, oats)
– Muesli (5 kg pack)
– Flavours of the South (4 kg pack)
– Poppyseed grains (5 kg bag)
– Sesame seeds (5 kg bag)
– Sunflower seeds (5 kg bag)
– Wheat germ (5 kg bag)
– Yellow flaxseeds (5 kg bag)
– Cranberries (4.5kg pack)
– Dried Figs and apricots (5kg pack)
– Raisins, hazelnuts and pistachios (5kg pack)
– Sparkling fragments – Semolina (15kg bag)
– Fragments of toasted rye and rye peel (5kg bag)
– Toasted rye flour (25kg bag)
– Toasted malted wheat flour (25kg bag)

The qualitative approach to bread-making yeast
For many years, Moulins Bourgeois has worked with liquid yeast so they can recommend it to all bakers passionate about making good bread. More than just a product, liquid yeast is about an approach which allows the baker who uses it to stand out from the competition and to ‘sign’ their bread or their pastries. It creates fully authentic products which have a distinctive taste, but without the hint of acidity that comes from solid yeast. Our baker coaches have created a highly specialised, high level recipe book focussed on bread-making with natural yeast. We’ve also developed a Tradilevain-Moulins Bourgeois special offer for putting a machine which can make and refresh this natural yeast each at the disposal of those bakers who’d like to use it. Our work with liquid yeast has introduced us to Alain Passard, the chef of 3 star restaurant, l’Arpège. We developed the recipe for our Paume Bread with him.

Bread-making Additives
Success is the name under which all our bread improvers are known. It’s a line of four products carefully formulated for all your existing breads, pastries, and even your special breads, which allow for immediate use or for later use.


Success Tecknic, Success Optim, Success Viennoiserie, Success Bio

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