Free bread

A whole new process of making bread without wheat or rye

Free Bread is a response to our consumer’s desire to improve their health through diet. Many bakers are now asked by their customers whether their bread is gluten-free.

Free Bread is a mix of rice cereals and corn, without wheat or rye. Created with our savoir-faire and formulated with all natural ingredients, Free Bread loaves are very different from additive-laden supermarket gluten-free bread. These are exclusive recipes which are simple to implement. Beyond being part of a faddy diet, they’ll seduce  anyone keen on specialised breads, and who enjoys a varied diet, full of delicious new tastes.

Please be aware that as Free Bread is prepared in our bakery it is very likely to contain traces of gluten. It is not  suitable for anyone clearly diagnosed as intolerant or allergic to gluten.


Can you make bread without gluten?
Yes but the result is different from traditional bread. Free Bread is made without using wheat or rye, giving the bakers an opportunity to discover new recipes with a simpler method of preparation. Customers can enjoy a new taste and a different texture. To make Free Bread we selected Camargue rice and corn from the South West of France.

Who eats gluten-free bread?
First of all those who are gluten intolerant. They suffer from Coeliac disease for which there is no other remedy except for renouncing all consummation of gluten. These sufferers will have undergone medical examination after having demonstrated a serious allergic reaction (particularly skin conditions). As a result of our being more aware today than ever before of the diagnosis of this illness, we can estimate that it affects around 1% of the population.

 Celiac sufferers and those who are hyper allergic to gluten cannot consume Free Bread. It is made in our bakery where we make other types of bread, and so may contain traces of  gluten.

Who will eat Free Bread?
Many consumers are convinced that reducing or avoiding gluten completely improves their general health. They may have consulted a nutritionist or simply relied on word of mouth.
Free Bread is the perfect offering for these customers – gluten-free ‘supporters’ – who like bread with very little gluten. Through us they  have found an alternative to the pre-packaged gluten-free breads sold in supermarket or speciality stores.


Free Bread est proposé en sac de 15 kg avec un kit adapté (pic prix, étiquette panetière, balluchon dédié et fiche consommateur)