Our heritage and our roots feed our future.

Our heritage is based on our passion for our profession and the spirit of independence specific to a small family business. Since 1895, year of Léon Bourgeois and his brothers’ acquisition of the mill of Couargis located 2 km away from our current mill, we have been working from generation to generation for a sustainable development that we wish to be harmonious.

2005 : David and Julien Bourgeois are appointed directors of the mill.

2006 : Redesign and growth of our logistics.

2008 : Establishment of a new stone mill on our production site in Verdelot for stone ground and organic flour. We are among the very few mills able to master the whole chain of production.

2009 : Restoration of the old mill in Couargis completed; the century-old wheel being back into the water.

2010 : Full renovation of our main mill which now has a production system among the most modern and efficient in Europe.

2011 : Construction of a building dedicated to apprenticeships with a bakehouse for training, a pastry laboratory and a retail space in real conditions of use.

2012 : ISO 22000 certification, the highest standard in terms of food safety and hygiene.

2013 : Development of our training programs known as “Stages de Verdelot”.

2015 : Logistics fully adapted to 25 kilo bags; containers exceeding this weight are removed.

Located near a listed site, our new buildings were built with the “Bâtiments de France” (the French architectural review board) approval. Because preserving our environment is vital to us.
We have restored the mill of Couargis as a symbol of our commitment. It offers great potential and the mill-wheel never stops turning!

moulins bourgeois histoire

moulins bourgeois - histoire