La Bel Air

La Bel Air, a baguette in tune with the spirit of its time

Today the highest quality can find it’s best expression in the greatest simplicity. It was in this spirit that La Bel Air was developed and is best enjoyed; a reinvention of the baguette for today’s tastes.

An exclusive recipe, perfectly conceived for the work of the artisan :

  • A fermentation process perfectly adapted to all situations
  • Dough that weighs 380g (recommended weight), creating a generous sized baguette.
  • Rolled in L’Éclat de Fleurage (hard wheat semolina) which creates a unique texture.
  • The dough is shaped with minimal handling. La Bel Air is a short baguette.
  • The baguette is baked in ovens without any scarification from blades to insure its attractive rustic look.

 A generous baguette with a hefty weight that allows us to appreciate its density :

  • The perfect balance between a fine, crisp crust and a crumb that is deliciously rich.
  • A very noticeable flavour of hazelnuts and delicate aroma.
  • Lightly granular texture as a result of L’Eclat de Fleurage (hard wheat semolina), making the bread pleasantly chewy.