La Paume recette Alain Passard

La Paume, a shared passion

Developed in collaboration with Alain Passard, chef of the three-star restaurant l’Arpège, our flour La Paume falls into a high-quality approach.

It is intended for bakers who wish to apply once more the demanding technique of making bread mainly with a natural sourdough and stone milled brown flour. Its authentic look, the subtle sourness of sourdough and the perfect density of its crumb form a “high-quality” bread which will satisfy all “foodies”.

La Paume belongs to the top products of the very specific range of sourdough bread developed by Moulins Bourgeois. This connection with the world of gastronomy is a pioneering approach which perfectly reflects the willingness of Moulins Bourgeois to figure as a market leader.

In the context of the “Stages de Verdelot” courses, bakers interested in production with sourdough (solid or liquid) can attend a training session on this product.

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la paume alain passardAlain Passard au fournil du moulin