Le Pain de 14


We are proud of our history and of our origins, so we’re celebrating the centenary of the First World War. Étienne Bourgeois, our great great uncle from the very first generation of millers in our family, left to do his military service in 1912. The war began, and for the next 4 years he was a baker for the military. And in September 1914 during the famous Battle of the Marne, the fighting drew very close to our mill.

For all of these reasons, we were inspired to create an original recipe, and a new exclusive offer for our customers. We’ve mixed a little rye and a hint of chicory into the wheat flour to give the bread a longer shelf life and an attractive brown colour. As with our other types of bread, we’ve used a mix of natural ingredients and unrefined flour. Its pretty flat, round shape, decorated with an attractive, simple motif created by quickly running the blade of a knife over the surface of the dough, adds to the impression of a light, delicious and rustic bread.

We also wanted to make Pain de 14 because we are convinced that bread is as crucial a part of French culture as The Great War is a part of our history. Artisan bakers are a key part of the daily shop for French people. In Pain de 14 we’ve created a truly original recipe, but also one with meaning. During the war, each solider had a bread ration of 750 grams per day. In comparison, nowadays we estimate that the daily consumption of bread is around 130 grams per person in France.

It’s close to our roots that we have found that our ‘neighbour’, le Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux (The Pays de Meaux Museum of the Great War) is situated, like us, in Seine-et-Marne. We are proud to be their partners and to contribute to their fame in featuring their logo on all the packaging for this   commemorative bread, and to present the documents they’ve provided us with on this site.

In the next few months and the years to come, we will announce more about the  collaborations we developing with them now.


kit de livraison offert composé d’un bac pour préparation en froid, d’une banderole fanions, d’une affiche A3 et d’un chevalet. Le Pain de 14 a son propre sachet !