Le Vaillant

Form, colour, flavour: Le Vaillant has character that goes beyond it’s name alone.

An original shape : with its triangular shape Le Vaillant has a great distinguishing look, which immediately marks it out from all our other speciality breads.

A beautiful colour : its brown interior and golden crust tempt our clients to change their daily choice of bread, or to introduce Le Valliant into celebratory meals.

An original taste : the right amount of buckwheat added to the wheat in this bread’s recipe gives Le Vaillant its flavour. It’s as delicious toasted as it is fresh.

logo vaillant

Le Vaillant is available in bags of 25kg with its recipe card and specially designed bag.

The publicity kit is delivered free the first time its ordered (this includes price tags, labels for the bread bin, an A3 poster, an A4 easel, as well as the logo in the form of temporary tattoos.)