Les Carrés

Les Carrés*, an exclusive offer with many advantages

* “the Squares”

For the customers :

  • Breads whose size is adapted to today’s consumption habits.
  • A unique, clearly recognizable shape.
  • Delicious soft breads with long keeping quality.
  • An innovation offered by the favorite shop of the French – her bakery.
  • A wide range of different breads.
  • A good opportunity for offers such as “Buy three get one free”.

For the bakers :

  • An exclusive tool: bread pan sets comprising 8 moulds.
  • A high quality material with the embossing « Carrés Bourgeois ».
  • Simplified shaping due to the work with moulds.
  • Easier loading and unloading of the oven.
  • A high production regularity.
  • A good investment with an introductory offer for all our customers*

*Please contact the mill


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