Our conception of marketing: to respect each artisan’s identity and support the dynamic of its business.

We don’t insist on putting the name of our mill on the store sign of your bakery because we are convinced that YOU are your best “brand”.

To support the evolution of your business and meet your clients’ expectations, we regularly develop new products and recipes that enable artisans to distinguish themselves with a high quality offer.

For instance, we have built a strong “premium” offer for the baguette which is the hallmark in all bakeries :
For French traditional bread which constantly develops itself and enables artisans to distinguish themselves from bakery chains and large retailers, we have three different offers: classic Tradition Française, Reine des Blés label Rouge flour, as well as our raw flour La Sauvage made of 100% wheat.
For the so-called classic baguettes, every baker can choose between our Millésime flour and our more recent Painpille flour, both certified with the EQO label.

Our premium concept also guides us in the way we work on our product ranges :
Tour de Meule gathers the best of our stone ground flour,
Le Boulanger Bio represents our requirements in terms of developing our flour types and selecting our organic ingredients,
our offer of mixes for special types of bread has become a reference on our market (among them we can mention the success of Baguette des Prés, Baguette des Champs, Le Charpentier and Le Troubadour, Éclats de Lin).
We want every artisan to be able to underscore the unique nature of their business.

Our top products are all available with a communication kit and specific bags. We develop many communication and promotion tools for your point of sale, as well as on site activities in your bakery.
These tools make your bakery visible to your clients and maintain their interest in your bakery while they have plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

Every year we publish a very comprehensive catalogue which is available online (cliquer à droite sur catalogue). It is also widely envied within the market. In this catalogue you can find many article and useful items for your shop, your bakehouse and all necessary communication kits for promotions.



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