Pastries and gourmandises

Croissants & co, pastries, snacks, make your business successful !

Many consumers are willing to walk a little further just to buy a delicious croissant or other specialities which make the reputation of any pastrycook. Clients can make the difference with large retailers’ products.
At Moulins Bourgeois, we ensure that artisans use their talents at their highest level. To this end, it requires first of all high quality ingredients. Regarding our flour types, we offer a simple and qualitative range, as well as reliable mixes.

In addition to croissants & co and pastry, our flour is precious for snacks made of Viennese baguette.

In this area, where know-how is crucial, we also offer training sessions through our “Stages de Verdelot” courses which perfectly meet this requirement.

Raw flour
– Gruel – 15% proteins (25 kg bag)
– US – 13% proteins (25 kg bag)

– Viennese baguette (25 kg)
– Butter brioche (25 kg bag)
– Croissant (25 kg bag)
– Cakes & co (10 kg bag)
– Gingerbread (10 kg bag)

viennoiseries moulins bourgeois

pain epices moulins bourgeois