Setting-up support

Support for your set-up, we are here to help you !

Our perfect knowledge of the market, a sign of quality
Our commercial service composed of qualified and professional sales representatives is devoted to support new bakers and pastrycooks every day setting-up their business. Every year we take part in nearly 70 changes in ownership of bakeries and about ten new business set ups, be it directly or via specialized firms in bakery-pastry. We build a relationship of trust with most of our clients in the long term. This is the best guarantee of our reliability.

A strong support
Whether you are on a business-leasing contract or a purchase contract, we support you every step of the way from the signature of your pre-contract (balance sheet analysis and legal assistance), to any step that you will undertake to set-up your business successfully. Our simple and flexible structure enables you to directly speak with the person you want and get quick answers to your applications for funding.
In the context of our “Stages de Verdelot”, we organize 2-day training sessions to ensure that your business is being taken over or set-up in optimum conditions.

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