Stone-ground and organic flour

Stone ground and organic flour, the strongest symbol of our know-how

For several years now, we have been among one of the few mills to produce our own types of wheat, rye and other cereal flour. Our mill located in Verdelot, next to our conventional mill, is dedicated to produce stone ground and organic flour. This way, it allows us comply with essential principles such as:

– Ensuring the traceability of cereals and their certification : as for all our supplies, all organic types of wheat are French and we have signed the charter Mangeons local en Ile de France , which guarantees that 50% of our supplies come from our region.
Working on the quality of our production by carrying out internally all types of analyses and tests in the bread-making process.
Offering specific training programs to artisans who are interested in producing stone ground flour and in our organic approach on our production site.
Developing new offers through our specific ranges Tour de Meule and Le Boulanger Bio.
Responding to specific requests by being able to mill any type of cereals, included small spelt.
Offering marketing services likely to raise consumers’ awareness of a very rewarding approach for your business and of a specific one when dealing with organic products and our offer Le Boulanger Bio.

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