Tour de Meule

Tour de Meule, a range that gives free rein to your craf

By developing its range of stone ground flour, Moulins Bourgeois has designed an efficient range, be it from brown or wholemeal flour

Our designation “Tour de Meule” (grinding wheel) promotes a strong and highly qualitative identity to flour types which contain more vitamins and minerals. They are used to produce bread with a natural strong flavour.

The different types of grist in our range Tour de Meule are used to produce delicious pies and various types of bread.
These flour types are available in 25 kg bags

-    Tour de Meule wheat type 80 Label Rouge
-    Tour de Meule wheat type 110
-    Tour de Meule  wheat type 150
-    Tour de Meule rye type 85
-    Tour de Meule rye type 130
-    Tour de Meule rye type 170
-    Tour de Meule Spelt

Tour de meule label rouge


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