Our mill

To meet a growing demand in organic products, we have undertaken an extensive construction project at our mill, which is now drawing to a close in April 2018: our storage capacity for cereals (wheat, rye, buckwheat, spelt, einkorn wheat) has been increased and our bagging unit will fully meet the development requirements of our offer.
Our organic mill is located in Verdelot, on the historical site of Moulins Bourgeois. It is totally independent from the conventional mill.

The organic line is an essential part of our culture.

Our commitments

- Local supplies: all our flours labelled « Manger local en Ile de France » are produced with at least 50% cereals from our region.

- Procurement of French cereals

- One of the most important offers on the market: stone-ground flour, roller-milled flour, different organic ingredients, we meet your expectations and the consumers.

- A training dedicated to organic products, their processing and the applicable regulations in the programme of Bourgeois Trainings.

- A renewed identity focused on simplicity and naturalness

- A brand name «Le Boulanger Bio», to support your enterprise (store sign, specific bags).

Raw types of flour le boulanger bio

All our types of flour and organic products

le boulanger BIO

This new identity is deeply rooted in simplicity and naturalness. It strengthens the specificity and positive image of organic products to consumers.

Luc Peinturier

ORGANIC manager

+33 6 87 71 65 62

Luc has been combining his initial training as a baker with his passion to create organic products for many years. Using his in-depth knowledge of the field, Luc will answer all your questions related to organic products. Together with the management team, he actively contributes to the quality standards of organic products.

I am at your disposal should you have any questions