Our Mill

Our organic mill is located on our historical site in Verdelot. Independent from the conventional mill, cereals coming exclusively from France, are ground here on mill stones and roller mills (for our flour T65).

We are one of the few mills able to successfully grind Einkorn and we also grind all other types of flour: wheat, rye, buckwheat and spelt.

In a dedicated production section in Verdelot, we developed a whole range of toasted and roasted flour. We are one of the very few mills that can make such products that enable you to customize your own offer. The on-site production ensures our products are fully traceable back to the raw material and fresh, our top criterion for quality and taste.

To meet the strong growth of the organic market, we have recently increased our storage capacities for cereals (wheat, rye, buckwheat, spelt, Einkorn) and launched a bagging unit for small sizes (5 kilos, 1 kilo).

Behind the natural qualities of organic products lie high technology production tools. For example, our mill is equipped with a state-of-the-art Sortex optical sorter to remove all impurities from organic cereals (because of less treatment, organic grain has more impurities than conventional cereals).


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Our Commitments

Organic food is a matter of conviction in connection with our health and our environment. We invest a lot in this sector, where the future meets the present, as it is part of our family-run company dedicated to craftsmanship. Organic products help our customers differentiate themselves with success from the competition and affirm their values. With our team, you can count on us to be with you every step of this process.

Julien and David Bourgeois

We will support you in switching to organic (provide you with advice on how to implement the new range)
We have made a specific visual identity “Le Boulanger bio” available to you and, for those interested, specific bags, a store sign and special decoration designed to point out your specificity.
Our certificates : Certificat Bio , Bio Équitable and BioPartenaire.

We work exclusively with cereals produced in France and give priority to the production sites, which are close to the mill.

We support the development of wheat crops focusing on ancestral varieties, that result in original and increasingly sought types of flour.


From stone-ground flour and flour, to seeds and various ingredients, our offer is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It has been designed to develop the unique nature of each traditional bakery committed to an organic approach.

On our recipe website, you can find an entire section dedicated to organic food: ORGANIC recipe website

Pure Flours

Flour T65 (for French traditional bread)
Stone-ground wheat flour T80
Stone-ground wheat flour T110
Stone-ground wheat flour T150
Stone-ground heritage wheat flour. Blend of different heritage wheat varieties grown by passionate farmers
Suitable for making viennoiseries and leavened dough
Stone-ground spelt flour (available as T80 and T110)
Stone-ground rye flour (available as T130 and T170)
Stone-ground Einkorn flour (available as brown and wholemeal)
Stoneground buckwheat flour (for galettes and breads in addition to wheat or spelt flour)
Wheat, rye and spelt flour and sunflower seeds, brown linseeds, millet, pumpkin and sesame seeds.
Khorasan wheat
Hemp flour, wheat flour type 65, toasted hemp seeds
Suitable for the production of Viennoiseries, French pastry, Brioches and Galettes