A motivated, united and passionate team at the heart of our mill.

Every day, our common commitment to ensuring quality of production and services mobilises our team of approximately 100 people. David and Julien Bourgeois are happy and proud to manage this team. Videosfrom the Media section News/Media introduce our work.

Our bakehouse and laboratory team
The 7 bakers who work in the mill organise their time between counselling and support visits to our clients' premises, conducting the Bourgeois Trainings, developing new recipes and testing our flour in collaboration with our laboratory. They operate along the entire production chain, from raw material to the different types of flour.

Our production team and logistics and administration department
The production, headed by the CTO, as well as our logistics and administration play a key role. We ensure the best service to our very diversified clientele of craftsmen. We also develop our export service within the logistics and administrative chain.

Our sales team
With most of the time spent on the road or at our clients' premises, our sales team ensures that Moulins Bourgeois is well-known as a close partner and more than just another company. Like none other, they know how to identify our clients’ expectations and needs.

Our delivery team
This well-established in-house team of drivers and deliverers is responsible for our reputation for on time deliveries. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of our clients, they are able to maintain a close relationship with them.